Simplissimmo is Montreal’s #1 online portal for furnished luxury apartments. Providing simple, stylish, serviced and beautifully located alternatives to hotel living in Montreal for over 8 years, the Milton Parc Hotel are Simplissimmo’s exciting second foray into short-term rentals. A response to the overwhelming demand from satisfied, long-term guests returning to Montreal for a good time, if not a long time.

When an executive client who has spent 6 months in one of our furnished lofts in the past wants to return for a romantic weekend getaway, we want to be able to give them that. So we created our vision of “Loft” perfection for our returning guests, in line with the all the standards of style and comfort they already know and love about Simplissimmo.

– David Azoulay, Founder




Simplicity. Style. Service. Satisfaction.

Simplissimmo’s recipe for success is, well, quite simple! We take as much care in the quality and comfort of the properties we manage, as we do in the ease with which they can be booked, and the overall guest experience. We apply the same winning formula to our short-term properties, so you can be sure that when you book a stay at the Milton Parc Hotel, you’ll be making the absolute most of your time in our fair city.

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